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About AAINews

AAI is contributing to the international cooperation in various activities such as "Development Study" and "Dispatch of Expert" mainly through JICA. In order to convey the voice from the field and to introduce technical report obtained through such activities, we publish our newsletter (AAI News) quaterly. We would like to issue our newsletter focusing on appropriate technology and environmental conservation agriculture more specifically on desertification, desert greening, salt and drought tolerant crops and so on.

What is AAIN

The word "AAIN" was created by combining AAI (Appropriate Agriculture International) and N (Newsletter). At the same time, AAIN has another important meaning. There is an oasis city named Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates and many of AAI staff stayed in this city. Furthermore, "AAIN" means "Spring" and "Eye" in Arabic language and is associated with "Oasis" with water and recreation in the arid region.

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