Our International Activities (Area-wise)

Burkina Faso Study on the Management of Forest Reserves in the Province of Comoe 2002 Other activities
Egypt Cooperation Planning Survey on Irrigation Sector in Egypt (Upper Egypt and Middle Delta) 2016- Development Planning
Project for Strengthening Water Management Transfer (SWMT) 2013-2015 Project
Ethiopia Project for Supporting Sustainable Forest Management through REDD+ and Certified Forest Coffee Production and Promotion 2017- Project
Gabon NERICA Rice Production improvement 2011 Dispatch of expert
Guinea l'Etude et la Planification pour le Developpement Rural Durable 2008-2012 Development Planning
Kenya Special Assistance for project Sustainability for Tana Delta Irrigation Project 1998 Other activities
Pre-construction Environmental Impact Study for Tana Delta Irrigation Project 1990-1991 Other activities
Malawi Pilot Study on Community Vitalization and Afforestation in Middle Shire 2001 Other activities
Mauritania The Study on the Oasis Zone Development focused on Feminine Promotion 2005-2007 Development Planning
The Master Plan Study on the Development of the Oasis Zone 2001-2003 Development Planning
Morocco Feasibility Study on Water Resources Development in Rural Area 2000-2001 Development Planning
Senegal Project of Capacity Building for the Restoration and the Promotion of Effective Use of Degraded Soil in the Areas of Soil Degradation 2011-2016 Development Planning
Sudan Capacity Development Project for Irrigation Scheme Management in River Nile State 2015- Project
Feasibility Survey for Improving Incomes of Small-scale Farmers Groups through Small-scale Dry Onion Processing 2015-2016 Feasibility Survey with the Private Sector
Capacity Development Project for the Provision of Services for Basic Human Needs in Kassala 2011-2015 Development Planning
Tanzania The Study on the National Irrigation Master Plan 2001-2004 Development Planning
Uganda Northern Uganda Farmers' Livelihood Improvement Project 2015- Project
Promotion of Rice Development (PRiDe) Project 2012- Dispatch of expert
NERICA Rice Promotion Project 2009-2010 Dispatch of expert
Promotion, Development and Dissemination of NERICA Rice Varieties (Rice breeding) 2007-2008 Dispatch of expert
Zimbabwe Study on "Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects" 1999 Other activities
Master Plan Study on the Lower Munyati Basin Agricultural Development 1994-1995 Development Planning
Middle East
Iraq Project for Spreading Water Users Associations for the Efficient Use of Irrigation Water Project 2013-2015 Project
Project on Horticulture Technology Improvement and Extension in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) 2012-2014 Dispatch of expert
Jordan 3rd Phaze of Introduction of Advanced Agricultural Technology for Dryland Area in Jordan under Trilateral Cooperation, Jordan-Japan-Israel 2017 Dispatch of expert
The Third Country Training Program for Iraq on Water Management Technology in Irrigated Farms 2006-2008 Dispatch of expert
Feasibility Study on Agricultural Development for the Karak-Tafila Region 1989-1990 Development Planning
Oman Qurm (Mangrove) Environment Information Center (QEIC) Development 2012-2014 Project
Investigation on Present Situation/Countermeasures for Soil and Water Salinization 2010 Other activities
The Master Plan Study on Restoration, Conservation and Management of Mangrove 2002-2004 Development Planning
Mangrove Afforestation Program in the Coastal Area 2000-2004 Dispatch of expert
Agricultural Development Program in Nejd Region 1996-1999 Dispatch of expert
Study on Agricultural Development Project in the Nejd Region 1995-1996 Development Planning
Palestine The Project on Improved Extension for Value-added Agriculture in the Jordan River Rift Valley 2011-2015 Project
The Project on Strengthening Support System Focusing on Sustainable Agriculture in Jericho and Jordan River Rift Valley 2008-2010 Project
Saudi Arabia Verification Protect for Large-Scale Desert Greening 1997-1999 Other activities
Syria The Project on Development of Efficient Irrigation Techniques and Extension Phase II (DEITEX II) 2008-2012 Project
The Project on Development of Efficient Irrigation Techniques and Extension Phase I (DEITEX I) 2005-2008 Project
Efficient Water Use in Agriculture 2002-2004 Dispatch of expert
Extension of Water Saving Agriculture 2001 Other activities
Training Program for Agricultural Extension Staff 1999-2001 Dispatch of expert
Agricultural Extension Program in the Plant Production 1994-1997 Dispatch of expert
Turkey Ex-Ante Evaluation on Project for Agriculture Development in eastern Black Sea Region 2005 Development Planning
U.A.E. Joint Study Project on Improvement of Arid Land Agriculture 1985-1995 Dispatch of expert
Desert Greening Project in Suburban Dubai 1985-1986 Other activities
Yemen &
Study on the Afforestation Project in the Critical Area on Desertification. 1992 Other activities
Afghanistan Preparatory Study on the Central Agricultural Experiment Station Rehabilitation Project 2004 Other activities
East Timor Community-Based Integrated Watershed Management in Laclo and Cpmoro River Basins 2007 Development Planning
India Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Development in Maharashtra 1994 Other activities
Indonesia Rokan River Basin Overall Irrigation Development Plan Study 1992-1992 Development Planning
Lao PDR Study on Small Scales Agricultural and Rural Development Program along Mekong 1998-2000 Development Planning
Mongolia The Study for Improvement Plan of Livestock Farming System in Rural Area 2003-2006 Development Planning
Pakistan The Project for Capacity Development of Agriculture Extension Services in Khyber Pakhtunhwa Province 2014-2017 Project
Extension of Water Saving Agriculture 2003 Development Planning
Feasibility Study on Taunsa Barrage Irrigation System Rehabilitation 1997-1998 Development Planning
Feasibility Study on Water Resources Development with Delay Action Dams 1996-1997 Development Planning
Feasibility Study on Chasma Right Bank 1st Lift Irrigation Project 1993-1994 Development Planning
Feasibility Study on Irrigation Development based on Flood of Hill Torrents 1991-1992 Development Planning
Philippines Project for enhancement of community-based forest management program (E-CBFMP) 2008 Dispatch of expert
Sri Lanka Walawe Left Bank Irrigation Upgrading and Extension Project (Phase II) 2002-2003 Development Planning
Tajikistan Training Needs Finding for Agricultural and rural Development 2003 Other activities
Vietnam Afforestation Development Project on Acid Sulphate Soils in Mekong Delta 1997 Dispatch of expert
South America
Brazil Master Plan Study in the Northern Region for Agriculture and Livestock of the Tocantins 2000-2001 Development Planning
Latvia Project Formation Mission for Environmental Aspect 1998 Other activities
South Pacific
Micronesia Study on Pepper Cultivation Project 1987 Other activities